About CEER

The Center for Earthworks Engineering Research (CEER) is committed to solving earthworks engineering and construction problems through working with industry and government agencies to define, prioritize, and conduct a strategic program of research and education.

Our Focus Areas

Research. We define and prioritize an ongoing program of research that will develop the technologies and systems needed for sustainable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and long-life geotechnical infrastructure.

Technology Transfer. We provide public agencies, engineers, contractors, technicians, and suppliers with technical information tools and training needed to design, specify, build, and maintain better performing geotechnical systems.

Education and Outreach. We attract and educate current and future college students in the field of geo-construction engineering and systems, yielding future leaders who will discover and implement tomorrow’s technological solutions.

Who We Are

Highly qualified and dedicated staff, affiliated faculty members, and students handle CEER’s research, technology transfer, education, and outreach efforts.

In addition to its day-to-day personnel, CEER also collaborates regularly with numerous university, industry, and governmental organizations and people.

Our Vision

The vision of the Center is to be a nationally and internationally recognized resource and leader for strategic planning, research, education/training, and technology transfer and implementation in earthworks engineering and geo-construction technologies.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to be the nation’s premier institution for developing fundamental knowledge of earth mechanics, and creating innovative technologies, sensors, and systems to enable rapid, high quality, environmentally friendly, and economical construction of roadways, aviation runways, railroad embankments, dams, structural foundations, fortifications constructed from earth materials, and related geotechnical applications.

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of the Center is to bring about rapid advancements in quality, economy, and performance of the geotechnical aspects of civil infrastructure through a fundamental understanding of earth mechanics, and by providing enabling technologies and supportive public policies.

Our Guiding Objectives

  • Build a strong working relationship with federal and state public agencies as well as industry and academic partners to advance research priorities and accelerate research implementation.
  • Facilitate strategic pooling of time, experience, and funding among federal and state agencies, private industry, and academia for increased leverage and impact to advance the science of earthworks engineering and technologies.
  • Facilitate business system changes and advance the state of the practice, including specifications and policies that result in innovation, increased value to the public and sustainable approaches.
  • Improve design, materials science, construction, maintenance, and the business/economic model through research, technology transfer, and education.
  • Work with international partners to establish the framework for technical, financial, and educational collaboration.